A huge THANK YOU to you all

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you… thank you to the people who have been following me for some time, and thank you to all of the new subscribers who joined in the last couple of days. A blog is a hard thing to gain momentum on (when you’re this late in the game and competing with social media), but it’s also an important platform and it matters when the agent search begins. It means the world to me that you all support what I’m doing, and I can’t thank you enough.

That being said, this is the most traffic you should ever receive from me, as I will be posting a short story shortly (tee-hee), and my normal posting rate is two times a month (or that’s the goal rather). If you’re new to the blog, WELCOME! If you’re reading this and you haven’t subscribed, please do. It’s quick and easy and helps me out a ton.

Thank you again. I hope you all enjoy the new story, “Flowers for Breakfast”.

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