Photo Story No. 12

“Follow me to the sycamore tree, and there you’ll lose your mind,” she said.

Rob didn’t understand her jest, but he needed a bump and he guessed that meant she had it. He trailed along behind her white and gold dress that brushed the grass tips as it floated by.

“So how much.”

“Not so fast eager beaver. Just follow.”

He didn’t like games and she seemed to be playing one. He had a mind to tell her so, pull her golden, round rimmed glasses from her arrogant face, but he didn’t. His luck there would be some big guy with a gun following close behind. He was sure she had security. She always had security.

“Come on Lina, can’t we just do this. You know how it is.”

“You’ll do what I say, or be on your way.”

“Fuck, really Dr. Suess?” He held his tongue from there and waited for the damned sycamore tree.

Past the park, behind the school, and into the small woods the kids referred to as the hot box, Rob and Lina came to a tall tree. It had a wide trunk and flaking bark, and a huge head of leaves. Rob looked at Lina and asked if he could speak.

Lina didn’t respond, but instead reached for the leather pouch she wore on her back. The brown leather creaked as she pulled the strap from its buckle and opened the flap. Rob’s stomach churned in knots as he saw the white powder emerge from the bag. Lina handed him the small baggie, which he instantly opened. He reached in with his nail to scoop the white heaven closer to his nose, when he noticed Lina reaching up for her glasses.

She pulled the round frames down from her face to reveal a set of deep orange eyes with pupils as white as his snow. Rob’s eyes widened as he let the powder fall from his nail. He unconsciously started back stepping, and three steps in found himself against the wide tree. Before he could think of any moves to make, Lina dropped her jaw open as wide as it would go and let out a shriek that sent him to his knees.

The white baggie fell to the ground and scattered amongst the grass. Rob threw his hands to cover his ears, and, just before he made contact, Lina’s hands wrapped around his wrists, pushed his arms wide open, and her lips connected with his.

His brain at first wanted to think he was receiving the most passionate kiss of his life, but he was quickly reminded of her glowing eyes when her teeth sank into his gums and warm fluid began pouring from his wounds. He could imagine her pink lips pooling with blood, and through his shooting pain and his fear of what was next, he still found himself enjoying her skin on his.

Her teeth pushed deeper into his gums, forcing more blood to gush and fall from his chin, and he could here subsequent gulping from Lina. When she finally broke contact, he tried to speak but spit blood on her dress instead. She knew he was curious and she spoke for him.

“Your head is spinning, and your blood is dripping, and you want to know why, you will lay here and die.” Rob said nothing, but stared at the white pupils encircled in flames. “There’s a secret in life, from causing ample strife, with enough souls expired, I can now walk through fire, I can breathe water in, and die again and again.” Rob still said nothing. He had never been hit in the face with a bat, but if he had to describe what he thought it might feel like, this was it. He held his hands over his mouth then looked down at his hands, coated. Rob looked back up to see Lina pulling a large dagger from a holster against her thigh.

“Oh fuck,” he said, again spitting blood forward, but this time it splashed on her exposed legs.

“It’s just your luck cowboy.” Lina leaned forward, opening her mouth to his again. Rob threw his hands up to cover his mouth. When he did, her teeth connected with his hand instead, and he retracted them. It wasn’t a second before her teeth sank again into his gums, and he screamed into her mouth. Blood spattered and bubbled between their connection, and he pushed at her chest to try and break it. When he did, he felt a quick burn on both of his wrists, then a loud, sharp pain travel up his forearms.

The sensation in his mouth was masked by the hot pain on both of his wrists, and thinking she had slit them both with one swipe, he pushed at her chest again to get her off and find some help. When he did, it wasn’t his hands that connected, but his stumped wrists. He couldn’t figure it out at first, where his hands had gone, until he did, and then he lost any cool he had left. He pulled his blank left wrist up so that he could see it from his peripheral, and sure enough, his whole hand was gone.

He screamed again into Lina’s mouth. Open mouth, full force, yelled. No one heard him, or if anyone did, it wouldn’t matter. Though he couldn’t believe it was over for him, he knew very plainly that this was his end. He felt it when he woke up that morning. Something felt off, and on his way to pick up, he told himself this dance with the white devil might be the one to kill him. Though how wrong he was. He didn’t even get to snort a pinky full.

There in the hot box woods, in glorious passion with a beautiful set of pink lips, the only thing he regretted was letting that powder fall from his nail. If I was going to lay here and die, I could of at least been high while I was doing it.




Copyright WB Welch – All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

To see the photo that originally inspired this story, visit the Instagram link below.

Photo Story No. 12



One thought on “Photo Story No. 12

  1. Very interesting read. I really enjoyed how Robs junkie aspects showed through. I would’ve liked to see a previous link to the girl (maybe a sentence or two) and maybe a bit more about her character. How does she look? Is it her sensuality that creates his conflict between his fight or flight reflexes.
    I really enjoyed this. It could be the beginnings of a great short. Keep up the great work.

    Liked by 1 person

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